What Real People Say
“Julia, I love talking to you. You set my priorities straight and I’m free to do the work I’m best at. I can laugh and have fun with my business now, and I’m thrilled. Instead of trying to do it all by myself, I’m part of a great team and we’ve got great mojo now, thanks to Julia.”

~ Krista Van Wagner, Proprietor and Chef at Curly’s Bar & Grill, Buffalo, NY

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How to Ask Questions that Get Responses

I've been in front of groups where everyone participates, and people can't wait to be called on to s[...]
The Heartbeat of Creativity

The Heartbeat of Creativity

How do you know if someone is creative? The short answer is:  see if there's a heartbeat. If so, tha[...]
Make Lemonade

We make lemonade.  

It’s our own process, based on the scientific principles of Creativity Science – a 60- year old discipline that has worked to define creativity, in person, product, process and press (environment.)  The mission is to be able to recognize, encourage and enhance creativity.  

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